Howdy, I’m Aaron, and thanks for visiting The Butchelor!  

My latest personal blog project is located at GENDERFUL.com



The original About Me page for The Butchelor (circa 2008-9ish) is below. I’ve updated my information, above, with some current details. 🙂


Oh, hey there! Welcome, and thanks for your interest in me… in this blog… both. Whichever.

Let’s see…

About ME:

  • I’m thirty–erm… *something*
  • Female-bodied  – masculine-identified human – falling somewhere in-between butch and trans. Trying to find where I fit, and I’m not convinced I fit anywhere.  🙂
  • I live in a great apartment in the city. I have a day job (with which I’m miserably content) and I’m an aspiring artist… of sorts.
  • I’ve spent the last decade making a pretty big mess of my life, and now I’m finally trying to get everything sorted out.

About this BLOG:

  • Snippets from my life – as I navigate and figure it out
  • Fashion, music, sex/dating, fitness, etc. – as it pertains to my life and things that might be of use in yours
  • Send me your questions/comments and we’ll figure it out together

Good times are ahead, my new blogtastic friends!!

You can contact me directly at thebutchelor [at] gmail [dotcom]