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Daily Coolness: Ian Harvie

I can’t remember where I first discovered this amazing transgender funnyman. He’s opened for Margaret Cho, was on LOGO’s One Night Stand Up and is one of the last transmen standing on Sinclair Sexsmith’s Top Hot Butches site. You can find Ian’s website here, check out his YouTube Channel or follow him on Twitter.

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Daily Cooness: Twofer!!

Today’s your lucky day, internet! I have two things to share… Genderfork is an amazing blog that I’ve been subscribed to for awhile now. It’s a constant stream of mind (AND gender) bending snippets. I connect to, fall in love with or am inspired by some amazing something there every single day! In fact both […]

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Daily Coolness: Coyote Grace

I just stumbled upon this kickass folk duo (actually now a trio, I believe) – Coyote Grace From their website: This folktastic phenomenon is the result of combining one guitarist Joe Stevens, a transman from Northern California, with one upright bassist Ingrid Elizabeth, a sassy femme originally hailing from the hills of Southeastern Ohio. Together, […]

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