Daily Coolness: ClosetTransgender’s YouTube Videos

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I found this guy’s YouTube channel awhile back and it’s quickly become one of my favorite trans-related subscriptions for a couple of reasons…

1. I think he adds a unique perspective on being trans, and personally his decision to transition without the use of hormones or surgery is one that I definitely considered. I think it’s pretty friggin’ awesome that he’s making it work.

2. This guy is funny. Really funny! Not only does he offer an alternate voice to the transition conversation; his topics are entertaining and thought-provoking AND he is very engaging as a personality.

So far he’s only posted a handful of videos, but he’s adding more every week.

Definitely check him out!

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  1. genderkid says:

    Wow, what a great channel. I especially appreciate the videos where he interviews cis people about their own gender identities (and other issues). Thanks for posting this!

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