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DapperQ is for anyone who wants to make any element of men’s fashion truly their own but it’s also for anyone who aspires to deeper levels of personal authenticity.

From snazzy, buttoned-up butches and gentlemanly transguys to masculine chic, gender-bending women of ALL “labels” — DapperQ is indeed ALL about transgressing men’s fashion.

Susan Herr, Transgressor-in-Chief, has created a growing (and much needed!) sartorial community focused on broadening notions of men’s fashion and style as it relates (or doesn’t) to gender expression and sexual politics. It’s about more than simply wearing men’s clothing… it’s about creating a NEW space for masculinity within other non-traditionally “male” labels.

You’ll find everything from fashion tips, articles on style, grooming to photos and videos highlighting amazing, fashion-forward Dapper Q individuals from around the world.

Margaret Cho and Girlyman’s Young James Dean from dapperQ on Vimeo.

While I *do* enjoy Details, Esquire, Valet, Uncrate, The Satorialist and countless other men’s websites and blogs – they offer a ton of great information that, unfortunately – much like the clothes I wear – must be tailored or altered for an exact fit. However, it’s AMAZING to now have a website that’s specifically geared towards non-cisgender masculine folks! Kinda like finding that perfect dress shirt that fits directly off the rack — no tailoring or altering necessary. 🙂

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