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Oh, where to even begin? “Butch” —  it’s a word I’ve used to describe myself, and I certainly see it as a descriptor for my target audience here at The Butchelor (duh).

But what does it mean to BE butch? WHO are the butches I’m talking to/about here?

Of course, I can’t define it for everyone – In fact, I’ve completely over the idea of labels, in general. And I only choose to play on this one because it holds a special place and meaning for me, personally… Which is funny and ironic and all sorts of other things because as I continue to explore my own gender variance and labels – I realize I’m more genderqueer / trans that I ever was to being a “stereotypical butch lesbian”

At any rate – it’s where I came from. It’s part of me. It’s part of who I am… in fact, I was even voted Ms. Butch at a local butch/femme lesbian bar back in 2000! What can I say? I was quite the beauty king  😉

I know that there’s been a bit of controversy with grouping transguys and genderqueer folks in with your garden variety, butch lesbian, but let’s face it – we are (or have been) ALL masculine, female-bodied people along various points on this crazy gender variant scale… and that’s what I want to celebrate.

That different sort of masculinity. Bi-gendered. Non-gendered. X-gendered. Gender-fucking, transmen and masculine genderqueers, feminine transmen, fairy butches, tranny fags and legions lesbros.

It’s not my intention to place everyone in a butch-bubble. I’m just speaking for myself and using a silly play on words to address a group of people who, really, have NO label. They break through gender boxes and while society, as a whole, continually forces them to chose M or F; they continue to rebel against the masses. Much like sexuality, gender is fluid and far from being a black or white issue, and this site, whether you identify as a burly, butch lesbian or a femme transfag, is for those of us living our lives inside that beautiful gray area.

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