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I had double-incision mastectomy + free nipple-grafts with Dr. Raphael at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas on August, 18 2010, and I really couldn’t be happier with the results.

You hear a LOT out in the trans-interwebs about Dr. Garramone in Sunrise, Florida, and his work certainly speaks for itself; he’s clearly a very talented surgeon. However, Florida is a preeeetty far jaunt for most people (unless you’re from FL, of course), and travel expenses for a full week, PLUS surgery costs, can definitely add-up. There are other options —GREAT options— and Dr. Garramone isn’t the only top-surgery-genius out there helping us with this important step.

Especially for you, Texas/Southern guys – Dr. Raphael is conveniently located in the DFW metroplex here in North Texas. He and his staff have impeccable bedside manner and are very educated regarding trans-issues; from using preferred name/pronouns in your file (even prior to legal changes) to being sensitive to possible chest dysphoria concerns during pre-op appointments.

Another AMAZING thing about surgery with Dr. Raphael was the fact that he’s worked-out a double-incision technique that completely eliminates the need for post-op drains (Halle-freakin-lujah). NO drains, people. Now, THAT is genius, my friends. I can’t TELL you how important that was for me; it really made my recovery a (relative) breeze! All I had to deal with (other than eating/taking my meds, sleeping and staying comfy) was changing the maxi-pads that were (somewhat ironically) used as dressings along my incisions and keeping my chest properly compressed to manage the swelling… Eeeasy-breezy, yo!

My surgery cost fell somewhere in the median range ($6750.00) and that covered the all surgery costs for a double-incision mastectomy, the nipple-grafts and a bit of additional liposuction along each side of my chest. I financed through CareCredit.

You can contact Dr. Raphael’s office at: (972) 543-2477 or use their contact page.

I’m not affiliated in any way with the American Institute for Plastic Surgery or Dr. Raphael. I’m just a VERY happy patient. 🙂

If anyone has any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. H says:

    Did you applied to carecredit before heading to the Dr? I don’t wanna get my hopes up going to the Dr first and then get denied or something! 🙁

    • I actually went to my consultation without knowing how I was going to pay for surgery, and I found out about CareCredit at that first appointment.

      My credit was pretty shitty, and I hadn’t yet come out to my family about transitioning at that time. So, I REALLY didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I just kept taking the small steps I WAS able to take (i.e. Step 1: Make the appointment, Step 2: Show up at the appointment, Step 3: Ask a million questions, etc.)…

      I ended-up coming out my parents within a couple of months of having my consult, and thankfully they were supportive. They ended-up co-signing on my CareCredit application so I was approved and was able to schedule my surgery date (around 2-3 months after my initial consultation).

      During those crazy in-between months of NOT knowing, I was still taking baby steps by planning a fundraising keg/pool party (where my friends would pay a cover charge/donation), selling tshirts online, and starting a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the money for surgery.

      I hope this helps! Just don’t give up or try not to get too discouraged if/when the path ahead seems uncertain/unclear.. Just keep taking those baby steps 😉

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