Randomness: Well, crap.

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I’m clearly off to a fanfreakintastic start with this “posting once a day” business… Hrmph.

So. I purchased Shaun T’s Insanity DVDs – thinking that might be the answer to my workout issue, but sheeeeesh. It’s way (WAY!) too freakin’ hard for me (for now anyway). I mean… it’s just so plyometric-y and advanced level-y… and, dammit, I hated realizing that I’m NOT advanced-level-y anymore-y… ANNND my dogs would try to lick my face while I was doing push-ups… annnd… [go ahead and insert another excuse or two here]… and, I mean—LOOK:

Sooooo much for that. I hate being out of shape.

Failure abounds.

On the upside, I’ve been doing a pretty decent job with bringing my lunch + snacks to work again everyday — AND with drinking only water or milk (…or beer… shut up). And really, even with cooking my evening meal(s) too. Overall – not too, too bad!


80/20 though – that’s my goal right now. As long as I’m “good” 80% of the week – I’ll be good to go (IF I can ALSO be consistent with my workouts)

Let’s see… but what’s the hell is 80% of a week, anyway?!? Shit. I suck at math… Uh.. so, okay. If I base it on meals—I probably eat 30 meals per week (5 each day during the week and a couple each day on the weekend)… so 30 perfect meals would be 100%, right?


AAHA! This appears to be a cross-multiplication problem, Chuck.

*queue Jeopardy music*

Let’s see…

30 = 100%… Solving for X… carry the one… Hmm…

Soooo, if I eat an average of 30 meals per week and 24 of them are on-track… that’d be 80% right?? X = 24, Chuck!!! What do I win?!

Sure, sure… I DO suck at math, but I can cross-multiply like a CHAMP, yo.


Fascinating stuff, this? Amirite?

I get SO pumped about my potential for success… at night… just before I’m off to dreamland… NOT during the day when I can actually *DO* something about it… Nnnope. During those valuable daylight hours I’m beat down and tired and unmotivated to do much of anything—let alone actually SUCCEED. BUT, there’s something about that last hour, just before bedtime when my adrenaline pumps and I actually FEEL like things are going to be different this time around… Like, THIS is it! Whatever it is that I want can be–NAY—will be mine!

Inspiring, right?!

Yeeeah, that’s me. I’m one inspired mofo…


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