T Update: SIX WEEKS!

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Okay, now that I got all of THAT negative, self-doubting crap out of my system πŸ™‚ Here’s my update for six weeks!!

I seriously can NOT believe how fast time is passing! It’s exciting (and scary – but I’m done talking about that for the moment) πŸ˜›


β€’ Voice: I still don’t hear much difference in my voice, but I DO have a wider vocal range. I find myself talking towards the lower end of that spectrum more often than not – except when I get around my family, then some sort of subconscious *something* kicks in and I raise itβ€”without even thinking about it. It just happens… weird. My voice definitely cracked though β€” it’s actually done it several times, but I don’t think it’s THE cracking that will happen when my voice breaks.

β€’ Hair Growth: Noticing a LOT more hair… mainly on my upper leg/thigh area and maybe a little on my arms/hands. It all still seems to be fairly light though. Oh, and the hair on my face is growing in a lot faster… I’d always been a little hairy and had some facial hair that I always got rid of. I started actually shaving my face just before starting T, and now I have to shave at least once a week or I have a LOT of awkward, patchy hairs sprouting around my sideburns and chin. And they’re definitely more whisker-like, and not just random stray hairs.

β€’ Downstairs Growth: I’m not really paying very close attention, but there’s certainly.. uh… MORE going on in the pants lately. πŸ˜‰

β€’ Libido: Holy freakin’ MOLY, man… it’s just crazy… I don’t really even know what else to say about it… I really had no idea what to expect since my sex drive was always pretty healthy (at least, in my opinion). There were moments this week that I had to remind myself of the power of testosterone β€” because at one point I thought, “There is seriously something wrong with me…”

β€’ Muscle/Fat Redistribution: BIG difference in strength and muscles the last couple of weeks – especially my biceps/triceps. Still not going to the gym though :/

β€’ Face: Pretty sure I still look the same. Except…

β€’ Acne: …for stupid zits. My forehead is INSANELY oily aaaaall the time. I’ve been washing my face religiously and it just doesn’t seem to help. Not sure if seeing a dermatologist could do anything since I KNOW most of it is hormone related.

β€’ Menstrual Cycle: I don’t think I had this listed on my three week update, but I’m happy to report that June was a period-free, cramp-free, PMS-free month!!! πŸ˜€ Amazing. Hope that’s out of my life for good!


I really don’t feel like talking about any of this stuff this time around β€” especially after that last post… In all honesty, I’m just overwhelmed with thoughts/emotions about all of it right now, and I think I’m also struggling with how to process them.

I think that’s another change I’ve noticed a lot lately, though β€” so, I write about it briefly… It’s just hard to know if the stuff I’m dealing with emotionally is because of the testosterone or because of stress or… whatever (?), but I have definitely stopped crying or even feeling like I need to or want to or CAN. It’s really very weird since I’ve ALWAYS been pretty emotional – especially during PMS-y times. Other positive emotions seem to be coming through okay though πŸ™‚ so… maybe it’s just related to sadness? I really don’t understand this part…

Hmm. I think that’s about it for now! If I think of anything else I’ll update this post.

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