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Personal: Progress (part 2)

Despite my fears and the many hurdles I still have yet to face, my therapist told me that I am ready (YEEEE!!! ::puke::) I was shocked and surprised and excited and scared, and I simultaneously experienced waves of thrill AND nausea. I was expecting to be months away from anything… I was expecting that she […]

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List: To Do…di-do-di-doo

Okay, so like I mentioned in my last post, I have about a braziiiillion thoughts whirling around in my head at the moment + a brain riddled with ADD = a lag in progress and a LOT of whirling and planning and thinking and list-makin’ and then maybe a little more planning… and then—D’oh! I […]

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Personal: Progress (part 1)

My poor ADD brain is so overloaded right now; I’m not really sure where to start… (Hmm… Perhaaaps I should start with an appointment to get back on some sorta meds for that damn ADD. Heh.) At any rate, I had my first appointment with my new** therapist yesterday Tuesday afternoon, and I’m still reeling […]

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