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Personal: “Letting Go of ‘Butch'”

You know, I really want to document/vent/discuss my experience from the other night, but I’m still struggling with the writing process for whatever reason… It’s like all of my thoughts are stuck inside my head, and I either end up rambling or can’t quite figure out what I want to say or how I feel… […]

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Personal: Gender and Sexuality and Definitions, oh MY!

So, I’m having a confident day today… for whatever reason, I feel like I understand where I’m going. It doesn’t matter to me (today) what other people think or how they perceive me or my transition. Today… it’s all about me. I don’t feel the need to explain myself or define my gender. It’s amazing […]

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Defining: Butch

Oh, where to even begin? “Butch” —  it’s a word I’ve used to describe myself, and I certainly see it as a descriptor for my target audience here at The Butchelor (duh). But what does it mean to BE butch? WHO are the butches I’m talking to/about here? Of course, I can’t define it for […]

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